Monthly Archives: February 2011

The wolf in the cold

In antarctica, there was a snow cave. In the cave there was a wolf. It was actually a russian wolf, and was only there because some researchers had put it there. The researchers were trying to develop a way to stay warm without having to wear a big coat, but it wasn’t working very well and the wolf was freezing. It had dragged in a seal caught by an orca and then left on the ice after another orca had attacked it. The seal wasn’t what the wolf was used to eating, but it was better than nothing. Continue reading


A mother wolf with a pup

The mother wolf is cleaning her pup.

A Mutant Triceratops

It is a mutant triceratops, with four horns. It should really be called a quadceratops, meaning four-horn-face, but both its parents were triceratops.

A Pink Horse

From a distance, it looks like solid colour, but closer it is actually little squares. The only colours are black, red and white, but the different colours together looks like grey, brown and pink.