The wolf in the cold

In antarctica, there was a snow cave. In the cave there was a wolf. It was actually a russian wolf, and was only there because some researchers had put it there. The researchers were trying to develop a way to stay warm without having to wear a big coat, but it wasn’t working very well and the wolf was freezing. It had dragged in a seal caught by an orca and then left on the ice after another orca had attacked it. The seal wasn’t what the wolf was used to eating, but it was better than nothing.

The wolf was black, so it showed up easily on the snow making it an easy target for skuas. The wolf had run back to the cave after meeting some skuas. The skuas were very big, but the wolf could run quite fast. The skuas eventually gave up trying to catch the wolf and went back to seal-hunting.

The wolf was interested in a group of emperor penguins who were heading to the sea, but the penguins chased the wolf away. The penguins considered the wolf a threat. The wolf was frightened by the penguins so it went back to its cave and didn’t come out for a long time. The wolf also saw some king penguins, but it stayed in its cave this time.

After two months the wolf was found by the researchers and they took it back to its pack, but they didn’t recognise the wolf after all that time, and it became a lone wolf. The wolf eventually found another lone wolf, and they started a new pack. They stayed away from people, so they never had to go to antarctica again. The wolf taught its pups to avoid humans at all times because it told them that they take wolves to a cold place with big birds and strange, flightless tall birds.


2 responses to “The wolf in the cold

  1. Woah! They sound like pretty hard penguins…

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