Axiom the wolf

This is Axiom

Axiom is an arctic wolf crossed with a black colour variant of a grey wolf. He has stripes passed from his mother and not a lot of appearance similarities to his father. Axiom wears a collar as a hero medal type thing, because he led many wolves to safety out of a fire. He also saved his brother, Varden in that fire.

Axiom’s family

Here's the family tree

He has three sisters, Perrin Umbra and Avalon. Axiom also has a brother (mentioned above), called Varden. His nother is Inca the Arctic wolf, while his father is Nightshade the grey wolf. He has a mate called Orchid. They have three pups, Tiger, Rico, and Ocean. He has another seven pups called Drift, Digga, Music, Vanilla, Misha, Gizmo and Aura. He has many nieces and nephews, Riz, Tsunami, Riptide and Jet. His aunts/aunties and uncles are called Freeze, Moco, Lola, Tokia, Barney, Teal (named after a type of duck) and Web. He has only one cousin, called 24 carat.

Axiom in front of Orchid on the left. A deer on the right.

His pack

Lucky wolf – he’s the Alpha male of a pack. It explains how he managed to raise so many pups though! In his pack, the Blue Stone Pack there are 13 members. This includes his parents, siblings, three pups (Tiger, Rico and Ocean), his cousin and a niece (Tsunami).

Other stuff about Axiom

Age: 14 (Yeah, he’s had kids don’t forget he’s a wolf!)
Species: Canis lupus-Canis lupus arctos which basically makes him just a Canis lupus arctos 😡 (grumpy face)
Nickname(s): Ax, Axy, only Orchid calls him Axy. When his pups were extremely young, they called him ‘Atzium’ because they couldn’t say his name properly.
Personality: Nearly always happy, Axiom is a kind, optimistic leader. He works well in a group and listens to all team members before making the final decision. He loves his family very much.


Axiom was born in the Blue Stone Pack, and never wants to leave it. When he was a young pup, he wandered away from the pack and was injured by a raven. He healed fine with no infection, but was a little bit scared of big black birds for a long time. He was once trapped in a badger sett with his sister, Umbra, but was saved by his mother. When he was ten years old, Nightshade told him one day it would be his job to lead their pack. Axiom was not sure he could handle looking after a pack, and became scared. His mate had pups around that time. When he was eleven, Nightshade said to Axiom, “Your time has come, son. Now you must lead this pack as I did before you.” Axiom lead the pack well and wondered how he could ever have doubted himself. Unfortunately, he could not look after his other seven pups, (he had two different litters, by the way) so he left them in the care of Rainbow Valley Pack.


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  1. This is wonderful! I want to know about Avalon next…

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