About Phrog

I have 2 pet rats called Gypsy and Moth. I used to have 4 rats called Sooky, Coco, Moonshine and Fudge. I have never had any other pets in my life (partly because my father is allergic to cats and dogs).
I enjoy swimming and drawing, but not at the same time. I mostly draw animals, but sometimes draw other things.
My favourite food is celery, apples and cheese! My favourite colours are purple, red and black. My favourite animal is rats. I also like wolves, horses and dragons.
I dislike people who squash worms on purpose. How would they like to be just minding their own business and making people’s soil better for farming then suddenly get murdered? And don’t kill foxes just because big things eat little things.
I do not like church services much, and especially don’t like church services with parades after.


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