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Axiom the wolf

This is Axiom

Axiom is an arctic wolf crossed with a black colour variant of a grey wolf. He has stripes passed from his mother and not a lot of appearance similarities to his father. Axiom wears a collar as a hero medal type thing, because he led many wolves to safety out of a fire. He also saved his brother, Varden in that fire.
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A mother wolf with a pup

The mother wolf is cleaning her pup.

A Mutant Triceratops

It is a mutant triceratops, with four horns. It should really be called a quadceratops, meaning four-horn-face, but both its parents were triceratops.

A Pink Horse

From a distance, it looks like solid colour, but closer it is actually little squares. The only colours are black, red and white, but the different colours together looks like grey, brown and pink.